Cruise Travel And Alcohol Restrictions

Among the confusing factors about alcohol and cruise holidays is that the ship will be moving in one country to another, and frequently the laws in each country will be different as far as age limits are worried. Yet on the ocean, the ship’s own rules apply. Substandard that throughout your cruise, if you are lucky enough to be 21 years of age or much younger, you might find that on some days you’ll be able to buy and consume alcohol, during other days you are not. This can all be very confusing, which is important that, if you are aged between 18 and 21, you asked the stewards or other relevant staff exactly what the current rules are, and if they are aware associated with a imminent changes to these.
Some cruise lines have a standard policy of no alcoholic consumption for anyone under 21 whilst on board. Obviously, substandard that when the ship docks at port, you are able to disembark and go off into the local town where you are free to drink. Obviously, this can lead to certain cases of drinking to excess to consider benefit of the opportunity. You need to be very careful relating to this, especially because the local drinks might be stronger than you are accustomed to, the hot climate may have made you more dehydrated and therefore more susceptible to the results of alcohol, with a relaxed, carefree environment it is easy to drink for over you intended. Each one of these points need to be borne in your mind carefully, while you do not want to wind up ruining your personal holiday, and those of the fellow passengers.
Other cruise companies possess a standard age limit of 18 that is easier to use, even though it continues to be vital that you be aware that when you turn up at a port the guidelines for your country will apply, there is going to be instances when the age limit will have to be raised to 21 to adhere to local restrictions. You’ll normally be given this information, but be sure you consider this advice – the effects of not heeding it and falling foul of local law are not to be considered!
Another issue as far as alcohol on cruises is worried is you aren’t normally permitted to take your own drinks on board. Should you choose buy alcohol whilst stopping off in a port, once you go back to the ship this will be taken from you and stored carefully until the end from the cruise if this will be delivered to you. This is also true for just about any alcoholic drinks you buy in the duty free shops which can be on board. You can certainly enjoy buying the cheap drinks, however they won’t be made available to you ’till the end of the voyage.
You will find occasional exceptions, perhaps a special celebration party or other event, and in this example prior approval should be obtained from the ship’s staff. Probably they will only allow you to open your drinks if you pay a corkage fee, the industry price of between ten and fifteen dollars per bottle opened. Obviously the ship earns some of its money in the sale of Cruise Alcohol, and if everyone brought their own drinks together this would represent a considerable loss, and that’s why this extra fee is charged.
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