Best Possible Ways To Enjoy The Tour To Shivgiri For Countrywide Travelers

Do you want to spend some time in the nature’s lap? Are you in a mood to give holiday trip to your family members? Would you like to stay at a place where natural beauty catches the eyes and spiritual peace attracts the heart? Then, there is no better option than Shivgiri. Now one may ask how to reach Shivgiri? Before describing the way and paths, roads and grounds, it would be quite pertinent to discuss a little about the place. Shivgiri is a beautiful town in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. This lovely town is rich in coffee plantation. There is a 100 years old coffee estate situated in the middle of Yemmedoddi forest, which is a well-known Tiger Reserve in India.
Tigers can be seen walking through the coffee seeds. This place is completely isolated from the outside world that makes it an unsurpassed tourist spot. The forest provides the visitors with the service of rock climbing, wildlife watching, trekking and bird watching etc. Shiva temple is the major attraction source for tourists. Madagadakere Lake is another interesting thing in the town that grabs the attention of tourists. Now, let us have a look on the question how to reach Shivgiri.
As far as the question-how to reach Shivgiri is concerned, the answer is very simple. One can get to Shivgiri i.e. by air, by train and by road by three ways. Shivgiri is 235 km from Bangalore international airport. Taxi and buses are available outside the airport to take you from Bangalore to Shivgiri. Shivgiri is connected to Hubli by a great number of trains from where you can get a plethora of trains to reach all prominent cities and states as well. The nearest railway station is at Hubli, which is 215 kms. away. Shivgiri is also connected with its neighbor cities by many buses. In summer, Shivgiri is at 22-37C and in winter 21-30C. The best time to visit Shivgiri is from October to May. In this way, the problem of Shivgiri tourism can be solved in the simple and in easy way.
Bajpe airport is the nearest one to Shivgiri at about 142 kms. of distance. There are a number of railway stations, which connect to Shivgiri such as Karnataka, Chikmagalur, Kadur, Dakshin Kannad and Mangalore. You can get a reservation ticket in Bangalore City-Hubli Jan Shatabdi, which starts from Bangalore city junction and stops at Birur junction.
Besides this, you can also take a ticket of Hubli Bangalore Jan Shatabdi, which boards at Hubli junction and Birur junction is its destination station. You must pack necessary things in advance so that your trip can be more joyful and enjoyable. You should not forget to take things like a pair of shoes or sleepers, a comfortable pair of clothes etc. In case you are travelling with a baby then you must be more cautious. You should pack for the baby also. It is advisable to take a camera with you to capture some of the most beautiful moments you are going to enjoy.

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