Bai Tu Long And Halong Gulf

Bai Tu Long Gulf
Bai Tu Long Gulf is situated Quang Ninh province in Tonkin Gulf, in the northeastern of Vietnam and in the east of Halong Bay; far from Hanoi capital about 200km and Cam Pha town about 12 km. It has common border with China.

Like its beautiful neighbor- Halong Gulf (one of the five World Heritage), Bai Tu Long Gulf also impressed to everyone with imposing beauty which don’t anywhere have therefore it together with Halong Bay become one of the seven Nature Wonder of New World. Bai Tu Long includes in a lot of long islands with small and large shape ( lime-stone and schist island) and a national garden. Some famous islands where tourist often visits in Bai Tu Long Bay such as: Minh Chau island, Ngoc Vung island, The Vang island, Quan Lan island or Navy Cave ( mean in Vietnamese �ng Qun). Especially, this place has a rich biodiversity with typical ecosystems: mangrove ecosystem, coral reef ecosystem, ecosystem of tropical forests. It is home to various species of flora and fauna

Bai Tu Long Gulf means � The dragon parts of the offspring�. According to legend the early era in Vietnam, the people had to fight against fliepowerful invaders. To help Vietnamese people save their country, a family of dragons was ordered by the god to assist them. Dragons spitted out various jewels and jades to form a long and solid citadel. Therefore, the invaders had to give up their invasion plot and sailed their ships back. After the war, the family of dragons stayed on the Earth as beautiful and peaceful scenery there.

Ha Long is situated at Quang Ninh procince, Vietnam; in the Gulf of Tokin consist of the region of Ha Long city; the northeast of Vietnam; far from the capital of Vietnam about 165 km. Including in the beach region of Ha Long city, Cam Pha town and a part of Van Don district. It borders on a famous site of Ha Long is Cat Ba island in the Sorthwest and the East sea in the east. It is a good geography to develop tourism in the future.

What is more, the nature grants for Ha Long a lot of advantages. It is considered to be the paradise of sea and islands. Its area is 43,400 ha, consists of 775 islands, and forms a triangle with the island of Dau Go (Driftwood Grotto) to the west, the lake of Ba Ham (Three Shelter Lake) to the south, and the island of Cong Tay to the east. Ha Long Gulf is made up of 1969 island with various forms and sizes, 989 of which have been given name. There are two kinds of islands : limestone and schist, which are concentrated in two main zones: the southeast (belonging to Bai Tu Long Bay), and the southwest (belonging to Halong Bay). To view from above, tourist can image Ha Long bay as a wonderful art picture

To get there, tourists can go by motorbike if you like freedom and danger because the road is quite easily and convenient. In fact, many choose car because they don’t know road and need guide. Beside Ha Long bay, tourist also go sightseeing some interesting places for instance: Tuan Chau island, Cat Ba island, Bai Tho mountain, Long Tien pagoda and so on

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